Shree Ganesh Sthapatya

 Temple Designer & Contractor                  Bhavesh Sompura & Yash Sompura

CAD with Bhavesh Sompura

We have in-house architects for Designing temples as per traditional Indian Shilp-Shastra and Vastu-Shashtra. These architects are supported by computer Aided Design specialists who digitize & convert the Traditional drawings into AutoCAD drawings. The entire temple is done on AutoCAD and we produce individual drawings for each and every stone which goes into making the temple with a distinctive number.

The Materials

Depending on the customer's choice and budget, we use white marble or sandstone. These are the materials used to construct temples in India since ages, even the famed Delwara temples which are approximately 1200 years old are specimens of white marble and sandstones. Steel is never used in our traditional temple construction. The material that we use is tested for the guarantee of longevity. These tests include the ultrasonic pulse velocity to detect any sort of defects or cracks in the stone and other materials that is used for the projects. Also, other important tests like those for density, porosity, water absorption, compressive strength and flexural strength are just another few that are carried out by our company to make sure we adhere to impeccable quality standards.